360° Service

  • Damage Waiver Scheme
    The 2017 Elliott Damage Waiver Scheme now gives you 3 levels of cover to choose from to meet your specific requirements.Cover against hired buildings AND accessories with the option of having no excess charges.
  • Elliott Fire Extinguishers
    Elliott fire extinguishers & accessories provide you with a wide range of solutions to help you fulfil your site safety strategy
  • Generator hire to power your Elliott site accommodation can be ordered at your Elliott Regional Office. We have a range of generators from 20kVA to 500kVA with a number of options including the latest power systems and fuel management.
  • Hubba Communications
    A technical solution to having a quick land line telephone and PC connection in an office where there is no existing IT infrastructure.
  • Elliott Premium Office Furniture Package
    We can provide you with office and canteen furniture including desks, chairs and filing cabinets, carpets and window blinds, all available to hire with your Elliott accommodation.
  • Fencing Packages
    Elliott has a wide range of steel fence packages available for immediate delivery.
  • Elliott Chapter 8 Pedestrian Safety Barriers
    Elliott Chapter 8 Pedestrian Safety Barriers provide the ideal solution when you need to isolate working areas and restrict pedestrians.
  • Secure Storage Accessories
    Elliott can provide racking and shelving to help maximise your space, and access ramps, ideal where fork lift and pallet trucks are used.
  • Jackpad® Cabin Foundations
    The Jackpad® is a quick, simple and affordable portable foundation system. Providing suitable ground bearing capacity is achieved, a single Jackpad® position can support up to 48kn.
  • Effluent Tank
    The Elliott Effluent Tank is a robust, lightweight, plastic effluent tank which offers a hygienic and corrosion-resistant solution to on site effluent storage.
  • EasyFlo Water Bowser
    The Elliott Easy Flo 1000 is a 1000 litre portable water storage tank with a built in pump, which can supply fresh water to cabins on a remote site where mains water is not available.
  • Smoking Shelter
    The Elliott Portable Smoking Shelter provides a designated area for smokers, where they will be protected from the weather while the design of the shelter allows for quick dispersal of cigarette smoke.
  • Generator usage for evolution welfare
    Excess - Allows you to continue operating at low costs for up to 70 hours a week.
  • Elliott delivery
    We will schedule your delivery to site to help plan your site logistics around your new site set-up.
  • Fuel_Box
    The perfect start-up or back-up fuel supply to ensure you’ve always got diesel for your Evolution welfare unit.
  • Tea break package
    Canteen Tea Break Pack for use with Elliott portable accommodation especially Elliott Evolution Welfare Buildings.
  • Cleaning Pack
    The Elliott Hygiene Cleaning Pack will help keep your Elliott portable cabins in a clean and tidy condition.
  • Elliott Secure Storage Container Lighting
    A robust racking system to help store your items more easily and a magnetic rechargeable LED mobile light to improve safety and visibility in your container.
  • Building Corporate Branding Wraps
    On specific products we may be able to create customer’s own corporate branding.
  • Welfare Packs
    A range of accessories for use with Elliott welfare buildings to ensure you've always got fuel, cleaning items and ready for tea and biscuits.
  • Elliott Washroom & Hygiene Services
    Meet your regulatory requirements with everything you need for clean and healthy skin all in one location.Toilet rolls and paper hand towels also available.