Portable Toilets & Showers

  • Portable Toilets For Hire
    Elliott Loohire® Portable Toilets & Showers are available to customers across many sectors including construction, industrial and commercial as well as for private functions such as weddings and parties.
  • Portable Toilets & Shower Blocks
    Elliott Portable Toilet & Shower Blocks are available in a range of specifications and building types and can be provided with separate compartments to isolate male and female use.
  • Eco Toilets & Showers
    The Elliott Eco-Future® range provides an environmentally friendly solution to toilet and shower block hire, ensuring you are eco friendly whilst saving on your energy bills.
  • Moduflex Toilet & Shower Complexes
    Moduflex® provides a comfortable and spacious toilet and welfare environment that can be a single small washroom or a large open plan space to suit a bigger workforce.
  • Portable Four Bay Urinals
    Our Four Bay Portable Urinals are a revolutionary product, providing temporary toilet facilities for a variety of occasions, including festivals and sporting events with large crowds, and avoids street urination.
  • Eco Junior Childrens Toilet
    The Eco-Future® Junior Childrens Portable Toilet block is the perfect answer to the problem of hiring low level temporary toilet blocks for schools and nurseries.
  • Self Contained Welfare units
    The Elliott Self Contained Welfare Facilities are purposely designed to alleviate the problem of working on green field sites where there is no mains electricity, mains water or drainage available.
  • Evolution Mobile Welfare Unit
    The Elliott Evolution Mobile Welfare Units offer an ideal portable solution when working on a remote site where there is no electricity, mains water or drainage available.
  • Mobile Trailer Toilets
    Elliott Mobile Trailer Toilets are suitable for all types of occasions and events including weddings, corporate hospitality at events or VIP areas at festivals.
  • Mobile Welfare Pod
    Our Evolution Mobile Welfare Pod provides the comfort of a ceramic flushing toilet and convenience of a changing room - suitable for up to 6 people.
  • Mobile Trailer Showers
    We offer a wide range of Mobile Trailer Shower Units, suitable for any occasion including large events such as festivals & sporting occasions.