Training And Development


Elliott is committed to training and developing its employees throughout their career, to the highest level.

To support Elliott's aspiration to grow the most talented and engaged workforce in our sector we have a programme of significant additional investment in employee development.

Our employees are generally long serving, which is a good indicator that Elliott is a great place to work. This means it is more important than ever that we continue to invest in the skills of our people so that we continue to grow and remain a market leader and retain the talents and enthusiasm that our people bring.

Our investment in development of our people includes a wide range of programmes ranging from driver CPC and trade construction skills through to people management skills, leadership development, sales and customer service, and academic sponsorship.

At Elliott we also invest in internal programmes to support our new employees during their induction and onboarding which delivers clear commitment to learning and skills development, delivering technical job related skills as well as providing dedicated coaching and mentoring to support them through the process.