Loohire® Flushing No Mains Portable Toilet

  • Loohire® Flushing No Mains Portable Toilet

Product Overview

  • Loohire® flushing no mains portable toilet
  • High specification product
  • Hand washing provided by traditional soap and clean water - not chemical pastes  
  • Toilet is cleaned and serviced to agreed timescales. Elliott Loohire® remove and dispose of effluent, thoroughly clean toilet unit, refill with fresh water, replenish soap, hand towels and toilet roll, leaving it clean, tidy and ready for use
  • Toilet provided with vent pipe to ensure escape of any odours 
  • Toilet has a sealed tank so no effluent is visible to the user
  • Translucent roof allows ample daylight into the unit
  • Delivered and collected by our Loohire® specialists
  • Initial supply of toilet rolls, hand towels and soap are provided FREE OF CHARGE
  • Modern toilets rigorously steam cleaned and quality checked before delivery

Toilet Specification

  • Exterior Height: 92in / 232cm
  • Exterior Width: 46in / 117cm
  • Exterior Length: 46in / 117cm
  • Total Depth: 48in / 122cm
  • Door opening Height: 78in / 198cm
  • Door opening Width: 25in / 64cm
  • Weight: 200 lbs / 90 kg
  • Tank Capacity: 49 gal / 225 L