Loohire® Portable Toilet with Hot Hand Wash

  • Loohire® Portable Toilet with Hot Hand Wash

Product Overview

Flushing toilet ideal when no mains water or drainage is available.

  • Portable toilet with hot hand washing
  • High specification product
  • Hand washing with traditional soap and clean WARM water
  • Sink large enough to wash a complete forearm as recommended by Health & Safety Executive
  • Toilet is cleaned and serviced to agreed time scales by Elliott Loohire. We remove and dispose of effluent, thoroughly clean toilet unit, refill with fresh water, replenish soap, hand towels and toilet roll, leaving it clean, tidy and ready for use
  • Provided with vent pipe to ensure odourless toilet even in the warmest of summers
  • Toilet has sealed tank so no effluent is visible to the user
  • Translucent roof allows ample daylight into the unit
  • Delivered and collected by our Loohire specialists
  • Initial supply of toilet rolls, hand towels and soap are provided FREE OF CHARGE
  • Modern toilets rigorously steam cleaned and quality checked before delivery

Toilet Specification

  • Exterior Height: 92in / 232cm
  • Exterior Width: 46in / 117cm
  • Exterior Length: 46in / 117cm
  • Total Depth: 48in / 122cm
  • Door opening Height: 78in / 198cm
  • Door opening Width: 25in / 64cm
  • Weight: 200 lbs / 90 kg
  • Tank Capacity: 49 gal / 225 L