Loohire® Single Portable Shower Unit

  • Elliott Single Portable Shower Unit

You may need to hire portable showers where the work is particularly dirty, during development of contaminated land or demolition of old industrial buildings. Designed to our own specification, the single portable shower unit offers an adaptable welfare facility, which can be used in virtually any location. In addition to the showering area, the unit interior offers a generously proportioned space for drying and dressing.

Product Overview

  • Single space cubicle design
  • BIG 7KW water heater with flow control
  • Privacy screen within unit gives separate dry area for clothes
  • 3 simple mains service connections
  • Elliott national coverage

Shower Specifications

  • Exterior Height: 92in / 232cm
  • Exterior Width: 46in / 117cm
  • Exterior Length: 46in / 117cm
  • Total Depth: 48in / 122cm
  • Door opening Height: 78in / 198cm
  • Door opening Width: 25in / 64cm
  • Weight: 200 lbs / 90 kg