October 2010

Considerate Construction

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Considerate Construction

In order to help our customers meet Considerate Constructor Scheme (CCS) requirements we are able to supply a wide range of fully functional, compliant site welfare and accommodation arrangements.

These range from incorporating welfare facilities such as shower units, through to eco cabins that meet the highest CCS environmental requirements.

We also supply a full range of perimeter site fencing equipped with appropriate safety and way finding signage, lighting installation, along with site gates for vehicles and separate pedestrian access.

We hold extensive stock of welfare and accommodation facilities and are able to work with you in identifying a bespoke solution using latest CAD design software. 
Successful delivery of any project requires the establishment of a clean, safe and secure site. At Elliott we are able to help you achieve these as part of meeting your CCS commitments.

We have already helped a large number of major contractors around the UK achieve CCS and can offer guidance to all customers, large or small.

CCS is designed to recognise construction teams displaying excellent standards of consideration towards the general public, their workforce and the environment.

The workforce

As a minimum, site accommodation should comprise of a site office with meeting room, changing room, W.C and canteen or dining area, along with a store.

We can offer guidance on the most efficient and cost effective method of meeting your CCS commitment in terms of your workforce.

The environment

Site welfare and accommodation systems are often poorly insulated and do not have the same building management controls as permanent buildings. However, at Elliott we design and manufacture cabins that are able to achieve the same high energy efficiency standards as permanent buildings.

Our Eco Lite and Eco Future cabins can help meet the environmental commitments of CCS by reducing carbon dioxide emissions and making overall energy savings of up to 73%.

The Eco Future range is acknowledged as the market leader in energy saving portable buildings and significantly reduces both energy consumption and environmental impact of your operations by using the most energy efficient methods available.

General Public

Our perimeter site fencing system allows you to ensure the safety of your workforce and the general public. It is available with way-finding signage.

Elliott perimeter site fencing means you can clearly defined access routes within the site and the surrounding grounds in accordance with your agreed management plan, as well as ensuring the segregation of pedestrians, plant and vehicles.

At Elliott we offer more than just product solutions. We are able to help contractors achieve their CCS commitments by using our specialist sector knowledge to offer a variety of solutions.