1st April 2016


  • Elliott Anti Vandal Cabin Drone Delivery

Elliott has today launched a revolutionary new drone delivery service for it's range of portable cabins and secure storage containers. The drones are small unmanned aerial vehicles weighing just 55 pounds but will have the capacity to lift and carry heavy items up to two tonnes. They will fly at less than 500 feet to conform to current low level flying regulations and contain the most sophisticated postcode technology to easily find customer's sites. Elliott will initially operate a fleet of 104 drones from its hire branches throughout the UK. 

The drones are collecting site accommodation from Elliott branches and delivering to customer sites locally which will enable them to avoid bottleneck traffic areas particularly in congested area. The drones will enable Elliott to deliver portable cabins and secure storage containers to any customer site within 30 minutes of receiving an instruction. It has taken the Elliott technical team over two years to develop its prototype drone into the fully operational version being used today.

Elliott Sales and Marketing Director, David Holdcroft said, "As the world leader in providing modular space and secure storage solutions we felt it was important to provide our customers with the latest advances in delivery systems. The Elliott technical team has not only developed this market leading product but has also liaised closely with the Civil Aviation Authority to ensure we conform to all low level flying regulations."