11 February 2013

Elliott engaged in setting sporting benchmark

  • Elliott engaged in setting sporting benchmark for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games

Elliott recently provided a comprehensive accommodation and welfare solution to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. We began working with the organisers two years before the event, which was necessary because of the sheer size of the project – around 10.8m people attended, and that’s not including 30,000 media representatives, 23,500 security personnel, 15,000 athletes, 10,000 team officials and 4,000 technical officials.

As a company, we provided a range of accommodation including modular buildings, which were used for office blocks, medical spaces, athlete changing rooms and official changing rooms. The buildings varied from 18 square metres to 400 square metres.

The flexible nature of our modern hire solution meant that we could also provide a solution for the athlete lounges and entertainment spaces, based on our Progress system, which met the requirement for large, clear open spans. We also had to cover additional requirements such as accreditation help desks and site management offices. Making sure that the event had adequate toilet facilities also came under our remit.

In terms of the toilets, the single biggest challenge was the logistics and coordination required to design, build and then deliver over 2,000 toilet commodities. Our approach was the same as that taken on all our major events, which involved assigning a dedicated team to manage all aspects of the project. Having a dedicated point of contact for the client also meant that they were kept fully informed of progress throughout its duration.

We worked closely with the client stakeholders, for example, accessibility experts, who focused on our toilets and accommodation. Sustainability was a key requirement too, and we had to ensure that water, waste and power usage was kept to minimum, as this was a pledge in various bids.

The size and diverse nature of the event made use of our full portfolio of toilet units. That meant standard, medical, doping, fire rated, plastic, trailer and accessible toilets, along with adult and baby change units!

Though only a relatively small hire in terms of duration – the event was staged over only a few weeks - the client required us to have a long life product and a market in which to operate post event. Identifying a use for the modular buildings and toilet units was therefore important as part of their legacy commitment and here we could show how our manufacturing facility could refurbish the units where necessary and then incorporate them into our hire fleet.

All material we used to manufacture the original units was responsibly sourced. We had to consider other environmental aspects, too, when designing the toilet commodities, which were based on our Moduflex product. For example, one of the innovative features of Moduflex is that it aids 40% less water usage. As a result of this approach, our solution addressed all the client’s Sustainability, Legacy and Accessibility obligations.

Elliott Hire has the widest range of accommodation units available for hire or sale. The range includes portable offices, secure storage containers, portable toilets and showers, mobile welfare units, anti vandal buildings and temporary site cabins. With one of the most comprehensive infrastructure networks in the UK, we are confident of being able to supply any size of project, large or small, and they don’t come much larger than the one we have just completed!

Supplying over 4,000 accommodation and welfare facilities to the Olympics certainly demonstrates the scalability of our operations! The new fleet supplied to the venue averages around 16 weeks old, virtually brand new, and it is now being offering to a wide variety of markets.  This premium fleet strengthens our position as the UK’s leading supplier, sets new standards in the industry and provides a superb platform for 2013.

The fact that this major venue was in front of the world’s media meant that the client had to be confident that all its supply partners could deliver what they had promised. We are certain that Elliott surpassed their expectations and provided a solution that will help build a long term legacy and set the benchmark for our industry.