23 Jan 2014

Elliott new framework agreement with the Crown Commercial Service (CCS)

  • Elliott new framework agreement with the Crown Commercial Service (CCS)

Elliott is pleased to announce that it has commenced a new framework agreement with the Crown Commercial Service (CCS).

The CCS is a new commercial service for Government, acting on behalf of the Crown, to drive savings for the taxpayer and improve the quality of commercial and procurement activity across the public sector.

CCS brings together, as one organisation, Government Procurement Service, the commercial function of the Cabinet Office, and common goods and services procurement and commercial management currently undertaken by departments.

Its vision is to deliver value for the nation through outstanding commercial capability and quality customer service.

Its key objectives are to:

  • Centrally manage the procurement of common goods and services through an integrated procurement function at the heart of government; harnessing government’s unique buying power to deliver maximum taxpayer value and help cut the deficit.
  • Improve the management of common but complex procurements by providing flexible specialist resource, via a complex transactions team, to work with departments and reduce the reliance on external resources.
  • Allow customers to focus on the commercial activity that is truly unique to them
  • Strengthen the procurement profession and improve commercial capability across government.
  • Improve supplier and contract management across government.

Work closely with the wider public sector to ensure that the benefits of aggregation and centralisation are shared across the public sector to maximise savings for the taxpayer. CCS is an executive agency of the Cabinet Office and operates as a trading fund set up under the Government Trading Funds Act 1973.

Their value for money, commercial procurement solutions are fully EU compliant saving customers time and money across a range of areas: energy, travel, fleet, office solutions, communications services, print, professional services, ICT, eCommerce, construction, research and facilities management & property.


  • EU Compliance – customers have reassurance that they are using a fully EU-compliant service.
  • Quicker Access – the OJEU procurement process, which takes several months, has already taken place.
  • Competitive pricing – through the competitive tender process and regular benchmarking Crown Commercial Service ensures customers have access to the most competitive deals.
  • Best practice procurement – suppliers are carefully evaluated and pre-agreed terms and conditions offer customers sound contractual safeguards.
  • Choosing the best supplier - the Crown Commercial Service website includes the facility for customers to run further competitions across a particular Lot within the framwork agreement, to meet their specific requirements. The website offers step by step guides for ease of use.
  • Ease of ordering – Crown Commercial Service provides template order forms for customers to use which detail the framework agreement applicable and alternative or additional clauses.
  • No financial limits – there is no legal limit on the quantity or value of orders customers can place.
  • Free service – customers are not charged for using the Crown Commercial Service framework agreement or services.