10 September 2013

Elliott to the rescue!

  • Elliott Two Storey Modular Classroom Accommodation

Elliott was contacted by St Pauls School on the 15th August 2013 (during the summer holidays) whilst a fire at the school was raging.


Elliott immediately mobilised a team and a member of staff was on site the same afternoon to evaluate the customer’s needs and help prepare a temporary modular solution to accommodate 250 students. From the visit we were able to supply proposed plan layouts on the same day enabling the St Pauls School to make a fast decision.


The school quickly placed the order after which we arranged the necessary emergency road closures ensuring that delivery could take place on September 2 enabling the classrooms to be ready for occupancy within two weeks of the delivery date.

The modular accommodation block consisted of 8 classrooms designed to accommodate 250 students, all of whom are benefitting from the best modular learning and teaching learning environment possible.


Our ability to mobilise this project so quickly has meant that there has been minimal impact on the local community and allowed a smooth transition for the school, resulting in a very happy client.

To see a video of the fire fighters battling the school blaze Click here 

Sunday 29th September 2013 - Headteacher John Wright wrote

I am writing to thank you and your team for all your hard work over the last two weeks. From starting on site, you recognized the urgency of the job and our need to recover the school following the fire.

You and your team have worked tirelessly to erect and fit out the temporary classrooms in the very limited timescale that we set. Over the last fortnight I have appreciated your commitment to the job, staying late and adding necessary extras, such as pegs for the children’s coats. You also worked very well with other contractors on site, to ensure that work was phased and effective.

The Elliotts classrooms were re-carpeted, redecorated and re-networked within two weeks. You understood the need to create high quality learning spaces for our children and have delivered them well.

Many Thanks

John Wright