24th May 2016

Elliott Supports Terminally Ill Cancer Patient

When Elliott learnt of a boss helping his terminally ill employee we wanted to make sure we provided some support. Tradesman were so moved by a cancer patient’s plight that they joined a 50-strong crew to renovate his house for free.

Having learned he had terminal cancer, Keith Ellick, asked his boss Addam Smith whether he could finish the fence at his house in Lincoln. Keith had been given a year to live.

But Mr Smith, who runs ALS Fencing and Landscaping, decided to go a step further, and put a call out to others and formed a 50 strong crew of tradesmen to renovate Mr Ellick’s entire house and garden.

The crew not only landscaped father of three Mr Ellick’s garden but they gutted both bedrooms and the kitchen as well then proceeded to re-plaster walls and refitted electrics throughout.

The whole job took seven days to complete, leaving Mr Ellick emotional.

Elliott has supported the project by providing portable toilet facilities for the workmen entirely free of charge.