6 December 2012

Elliott wins 3 Construction Marketing Awards 2012

  • Elliott wins 3 awards at the Construction Marketing Awards 2012

The awards were presented to Bev Rutter (Marketing Communications Co-ordinator) and Lynne Parkinson (Live Link New Media Key Account Director) for our 'Refurb or Rebuild' campaign.

The objective of the campaign was to encourage schools to develop designs for new and refurbished spaces, and to highlight the choices that schools will have to make in an age of diminished funding.  The highly targeted campaign successfully delivered a wide reaching approach, using a variety of communication channels with creative design.  The campaign over achieved on its original objective with nearly 600 registrations for the competition.  The campaign delivered an overall ROI of 11, surpassing all expectations.

Best Campaign over £25,000

Judges comment: "Great integrated and socially aware campaign. Full marks!"

Best Digital Campaign

Judges comment: "Objectives well set, neat and focused execution using a variety of media, digital and non-digital. Seems to have garnered excellent engagement in the target market, ROI stunning."

Best Use of Website

Judges comment: "A highly creative campaign with clear objectives, using a wide range of media on a low budget, gaining lots of engagement."

Communication channels included website, Facebook, Twitter, online advertising and e-mail marketing.  The campaign culminated after 2 months with presentations from the shortlisted schools at the Building Future Education (BFE) Conference and Exhibition held in May 2012.

Well done to everyone involved for this great achievement and for doing such a fantastic job.


  CMA Award Winners 2012 Brochure


Screen print of Refurb or Rebuild Website