20 February 2013

Park School takes delivery of their Winning Classroom

  • Park School takes delivery of their Winning Classroom

Further to the grand finale and announcement  of  the winning entries into the Elliotts National Schools competition Refurb or Rebuild at the BFE Exhibition which took place in London last year.

The competition encouraged pupils to design new and refurbished learning spaces.

The first of the winning schools, Park School in Devon have recently received their winning classroom which includes lobby, store facility and was construction using Progression.

For permanent educational buildings, the Progression system, with a build cost of £1,250m², provides a highly cost effective solution for extensions or complete new schools.

Progression creates a high quality, low cost alternative to conventional build that can allow a new-build solution in situations where previously only a refurbishment option was affordable. It therefore offers an effective solution for the Priority School Building Programme, which aims to rebuild schools in the very worst state of disrepair, or where schools face budgetary constraints, yet are experiencing a shortfall of pupil places.

An innovative, flexible building system Progression has a concrete floor and provides full design flexibility, which makes it indistinguishable to a conventional build. It allows the incorporation of a choice of sustainable technologies such as solar PV and ground or air source heat pumps. The range meets all Design Bulletins, has a 60-Year minimum life expectancy and is capable of achieving a BREEAM very good rating.

EC Harris, the leading global Built Asset Consultancy, carried out an independent analysis to verify that the costs of Progression can be replicated as part of a standardised solution. A spokesperson from EC Harris said: “We benchmarked Progression against other systems and believe that it offers significant key areas of difference in terms of design and cost. Being a modular system means that we are confident the costs can be replicated across all new and refurbished school projects.”

The second winning school Lordswood Boys School in Birmingham will be receiving their classroom shortly.

To see a short video clip of the buildings been delivered click here