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  • Operating Theatres
  • Operating Theatres
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  • Operating Theatres
Operating Theatres
Operating Theatres
Operating Theatres
Operating Theatres
Operating Theatres

Operating theatres

Our highly experienced team, in conjunction with market-leader Howorth, are able to undertake a full range of turnkey operating theatre projects including full fit out and fast track programmes using state-of-the-art equipment.

Elliott’s modular theatres are factory built and delivered to site in pre-assembled sections. Whether you capacity issues are short term or long term, our modular buildings offer you a flexible solution.

  • Whole life costings
  • Fast, efficient construction
  • Reduced site disruption
  • High quality, ultra clean

What our clients have to say

“The development is a real success story. Not only have we an attractive and high quality building, but it was also within budget and on schedule.” Nick Brooks, Trust Project Manager – Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals and the Cardiothoracic Centre NHS Trust

Case study

A four unit ‘barn theatre’ at Broadgreen Hospital in Liverpool is the first of its kind in the UK and forms part of a £60m development at the site. During the early planning stages, surgeon Donal O’Donaghue suggest a ‘barn theatre’ style to improve team work and sharing expertise.

Advantages of barn theatres include:

  • Better opportunities to work as a team
  • Improved supervision
  • Experts on hand
  • Open environment leads to good hygiene

Barn theatres are commonly found on the continent where the operating spaces in these ‘barns’ are separated by room dividers.


  • Quality
    Factory-build modules using latest production techniques and fitted out with state-of-the-art theatre equipment ensures the highest quality on site.
  • Cost effective
    Delivering factory build theatre modules reduce installation time and helps deliver better value for money. M&E plant rooms can also be factory-built to again save time on site.
  • Speed of construction
    Modular construction means your project will be completed quicker because many of the building elements are delivered to site pre-fabricated. This can reduce build times by as much as 50 per cent compared to conventional methods.
  • Minimised Site Disruption
    With significantly reduced deliveries on site, less waste and shorter build times there is minimum disruption to staff and patients.
  • Compliance of build
    Healthcare professionals choose modular construction because it results in guaranteed levels of quality to all relevant healthcare standards. We work in conjunction with market-leader Howorth Air Technology to provide turnkey solutions.