Anti Vandal

  • Anti Vandal Offices
    Our Anti Vandal Welfare Range is ideal where theft and vandalism is a problem. Helps deter to the most determined criminal especially in unmanned or remote areas.
  • Portable Toilets & Shower Blocks
    Elliott Portable Toilet & Shower Blocks are available in a range of specifications and building types and can be provided with separate compartments to isolate male and female use.
  • Anti Vandal Offices
    Elliott Anti Vandal Portable Offices are the ideal solution where theft or vandalism is a problem particularly in unmanned or remote areas.
  • Secure Storage Container Hire
    Elliott Secure Storage Containers are robustly manufactured and provide an economic secure storage solution that not only helps to combat theft, but also prevents vandalism.
  • Portable Canteen Hire
    Our Portable Canteens are suitable as stand alone temporary canteen facilities or as part of a combination of cabins such as offices, toilets and changing rooms, creating a multi-functional set up.
  • Portable Changing Rooms
    The Elliott Portable Changing Rooms contains a variety of building sizes to accommodate any size of workforce, large or small, and are fitted with bench seating, coat hooks and heating.
  • Portable Sleeping Accommodation
    Elliott offers a range of Portable Sleeping Accommodation buildings suitable for employees working away from home who are in need of temporary sleeping facilities.
  • Eco Storage Containers
    Our Eco-Future® Storage Containers are made to a high specification and include ply lined internal walls, electric power and PIR lighting - suitable for both domestic and commercial purposes.
  • Choose from one to four modular accommodation blocks immediately available for installation on your site. Each block comes complete with all the necessary welfare facilities, beds, wardrobes, desks, tables & chairs ready for immediate use.
  • Mobile Welfare Pod
    Our Evolution Mobile Welfare Pod provides the comfort of a ceramic flushing toilet and convenience of a changing room - suitable for up to 6 people.
  • Portable Gatehouses
    Designed for single use and to occupy a minimal footprint, our Portable Security Gatehouses have glazing to all elevations providing all round visibility with sliding windows.
  • Anti Blast Accommodation
    The Anti Blast range of portable buildings has been designed to provide protection to your staff in areas of potential explosion.
  • Smoking Shelter
    The Elliott Portable Smoking Shelter provides a designated area for smokers, where they will be protected from the weather while the design of the shelter allows for quick dispersal of cigarette smoke.