Portable Cabins

  • Portable Offices
    Elliott Steelclad® Portable Offices have been designed with a plastic coated (plastisol) exterior that not only looks good, but is also low maintenance due to its easy clean finish.
  • Portable Toilets & Shower Blocks
    Elliott Portable Toilet & Shower Blocks are available in a range of specifications and building types and can be provided with separate compartments to isolate male and female use.
  • Portable Canteen Hire
    Our Portable Canteens are suitable as stand alone temporary canteen facilities or as part of a combination of cabins such as offices, toilets and changing rooms, creating a multi-functional set up.
  • Portable Changing Rooms
    The Elliott Portable Changing Rooms contains a variety of building sizes to accommodate any size of workforce, large or small, and are fitted with bench seating, coat hooks and heating.
  • Portable Sleeping Accommodation
    Elliott offers a range of Portable Sleeping Accommodation buildings suitable for employees working away from home who are in need of temporary sleeping facilities.
  • Choose from one to four modular accommodation blocks immediately available for installation on your site. Each block comes complete with all the necessary welfare facilities, beds, wardrobes, desks, tables & chairs ready for immediate use.
  • Fire Rated Portable Buildings
    Our Fire Rated units are designed, manufactured and independently tested to meet The Joint Code of Practice on the Protection From Fire of Construction Sites and Buildings Undergoing Renovation.
  • Docustore® Archive Storage Container
    The Elliott Docustore® Archive Storage Containers are secure insulated storage buildings with adjustable shelving / racking and also include lighting, a cold watcher, a double power socket, wipe board and drop down work surface.
  • Mobile Trailer Showers
    We offer a wide range of Mobile Trailer Shower Units, suitable for any occasion including large events such as festivals & sporting occasions.
  • Mobile Trailer Toilets
    Elliott Mobile Trailer Toilets are suitable for all types of occasions and events including weddings, corporate hospitality at events or VIP areas at festivals.