At Elliott Loohire, our customers range from sole traders to corporate giants.

Recently Lee Saunders, our Head of Sales within our Loohire division spoke with a friend called Dan (pictured) who is a bathroom and kitchen fitter. In between their conversation around football and politics their chat went on to discuss work. One of the challenges Dan was facing is that he had to keep re-connecting the facilities so that he and the owners could do their business.

Dan said that “some of my projects can take up to two weeks, so having the customer use the neighbour’s loo isn’t always practical”.

Now Dan uses Elliott’s loohire solutions which have increased his service offering and has led to many more referrals on the back of adding this extra value. He also saves time by not having to keep re-connecting the pipes! Without this service despite how great Dan’s work is, he is just another fitter who doesn’t stand out from the crowd.

If you are unsure whether or not to add value to your project just think about the following…

  • We use a hot water jet wash and chemically clean the inside and outside prior to hire.
  • We use the highest quality chemicals to ensure odours are minimalised.
  • We have cutting-edge planning tools to ensure prompt delivery and collection.
  • 35+ year trading history (without a doubt we are the industry experts).
  • Full weekly service by professionally trained and compliant staff.
  • World class customer service, Net Promotor Score 75 (Q2. 2018).

If you are considering having your bathroom renovated or working on behalf of a client then contact us for a highly competitive quotation on 0845 521 7289 or visit to see our full range.

Whether you’re looking for a single portable loohire solution or more, discover more about our loohire range and our full solutions here.