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Crowd Control Barrier Event

The Challenge

Providing efficient crowd control barriers for tens of thousands of Hindus from all across England and Wales attending the “Krishna Speaks” event in Leicester. The preacher rarely attends events outside India and his eight-day visit attracted people from America, Africa and elsewhere in Europe.

Crowd control barriers were needed to ensure a secure site; to control the crowds at the entrance of the event, to help queuing in the dining tents, to keep the public away from certain areas, to protect entrances and exits of the tents and allow easily funnelling of attendants in and out of the main tents. Securing the site and providing the event organisers with quality solutions was incredibly important.

Over 26,000

visitors attended the “Krishna Speaks” event.

Our Solution

Elliott provided enough barriers quickly and efficiently, which allowed the organisers to easily maintain a safe and controlled event. Even though there were significantly more attendants than anticipated, Elliott crowd control barriers kept not only the visitors secure, but also ensured the security of the site and its materials.


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