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What’s built our business – The Elliott heritage

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What’s built our business – The Elliott heritage

A long established commitment to service

Elliott was founded back in 1963, making us one of the longest established companies in the portable and modular building industry. During the intervening years, the business has built its reputation for exceptional customer service. This has underpinned consistent growth in our sales and hire operations. For many years Elliott has been an industry leader, with the largest hire fleet of workspace units in the UK today.

Classroom Building

The early days – Manufacturing and selling mobile classroom

Elliott Group Ltd started as Elliott’s of Peterborough, formed to manufacture and sell mobile classrooms from a small factory in Cambridgeshire. At the time the company was owned by Grimsdale & Son, who were corn merchants. The success of the mobile classrooms was such that a corn mill in Conglesbury, Bristol was converted from producing corn to mobile classroom manufacturing. A further factory was opened in Tranent, south of Edinburgh to service Scotland and the north of England. The new factories were the beginnings of a national network of accommodation hubs, which stands at a total of 18 sites today.     

Expansion into site accommodation and hiring portable buildings

As modular building design and materials technology developed, the Elliott product offering evolved and expanded. Post and panel and steel volumetric systems were added to the range to enhance our education buildings for sale proposition, and creating the foundations for what is Elliott Offsite Solutions today.

Then in 1984 what has proved to be a defining moment for the business occurred with the acquisition of Wyseplan, which added portable buildings for use as site cabins to the product range for the first time. Elliott had entered the construction site accommodation market. Success quickly led to more acquisitions to rapidly develop a substantial hire fleet of cabins during the nineties, ultimately leading to the formation of the Elliott hire business unit in 2001.

Culturally, the business also adapted to the needs of hire customers - Becoming responsive to the urgency of their needs, designing solutions for short time periods and commercially ensuring solutions met client budgets and delivered value for money. These demands have helped hone the organisations’ enduring focus on delivering exceptional customer service.                        

Site Accommodation External
McDonalds 2 storey building

The 21st Century and the Algeco-Modulaire Group era

Expansion continued into the early noughties, bringing Elliott to the attention of Algeco Group, then Europe’s leading supplier of modular buildings. Algeco acquired the business in 2005. Growth by acquisition continued further, along with some notable milestones. Moduflex - an innovative flexible modular system designed specifically for temporary use - was introduced, followed by Fireflex, designed to meet the fire Joint Code of Practice, in 2017.

In 2011 the business diversified into roadside retail accommodation, supplying fully-fitted out modular drive-thru restaurants to McDonald’s, which continues today. Shortly afterwards Elliott was the accommodation supplier to the highly successful 2012 London Olympics. Over 3,000 units were supplied in total for the athlete’s village construction and back of house buildings, essential elements of the games’ infrastructure. The Algeco Group had also continued to grow, to become Europe and Asia Pacific’s leading specialist in modular services and infrastructure. Latest developments include the Algeco Group becoming the Modulaire Group and subsequently being acquired by Brookfield, a $625billion asset management group, in 2021.

More exciting developments are planned for 2021 and beyond, so watch this space for details!

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