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Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement
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Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Elliott Employee 'Pulse' Survey

The employee ‘pulse’ survey is an integral part of how we gauge our employee satisfaction with the company and it helps us identify where we need to invest more time and energy in order to create a positive, engaged and happy workforce.

Elliott encourages employee involvement and engagement in delivering a service second to none within our sector. Consultation in the areas of business performance; initiative; health and safety performance; environmental performance and community involvement is paramount and develops “organisational citizenship”. We believe that employees can, when treated with respect and have their views valued, deliver higher productivity by taking ownership of their roles and responsibilities and pride in the quality of the product.

We regularly consult with our employees

To achieve these aims we have measured employee attitudes and have taken note of their views on a range of issues. These have and will continue to be built into people management strategies and policies aligned with the wider business objectives.

People sitting around a table - employee engagement
Equality with men and woman shaking hands

We consult with our employees on many issues including the statutory requirement of consultation on health and safety issues. We believe the drivers for full engagement are:

  •  Recognition of views and involvement in the decision making process
  •  Making a difference
  •  Employee sense of managerial fairness and trust in the organisation
  •  Job development

Elliott encourages engagement on three levels: intellectual, affective and social.

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