At Elliott, we will never discriminate against job applicants or workers on the basis of their gender, sexual orientation, marital or civil partner status, gender re-assignment, race, religion or belief, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, disability or age, pregnancy or trade union membership or the fact that they are a part-time worker or a fixed-term employee.

We have also introduced a range of policies to ensure that these values are upheld throughout the business:

To support this position, here are some of the policies we have implemented to ensure a culture of non-discrimination throughout Elliott.

  • The speak-up policy – we have unbiased contact points who can be reached anonymously, allowing employees to speak up about problems in the workplace without fear.
  • Our agile working policy - allows our employees to work from home if need be (role-dependent).
  • Dignity at work – we have a rigorously-enforced set of standards to ensure that the workplace is a safe, comfortable environment for all Elliott employees.

As a company, we support any employees doing charity work or volunteering, and will make allowances for the time needed to work on these.

For those who spend at least one year as an employee, we offer periods of sabbatical leave or career breaks.

We understand the difficulties of living with dependants, and will work to provide employees with whatever support they may need if they are caring for others.

We are also a proud member of the Armed Forces Corporate Covenant, and will actively seek to employ veterans leaving the Armed Forces. We will always offer an interview to Armed Forces veterans if they meet the criteria in a job advert.

We are prolific supporters of Women in Construction, with several director-level female employees. Around half our workforce is composed of women across all parts of the company.

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