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Elliott provides unrivalled experience, knowledge, capabilities, geographical locations and infrastructure in the modular buildings and portable buildings markets. We provide a dedicated, comprehensive and quality service giving you peace of mind and the assurance you need.

Purchase projects are subject to an improvement on emissions of 25% over the 2006 regulations.

Rental projects with an intended period of use of over 2 years need to comply with the regulations applicable at the date of their manufacture and will need bespoke L2A calculations.

This also applies to second hand sale. Rental projects under 2 years will be issued with a generic certificate supplied by the MPBA (Modular and Portable Building Association). Projects for construction sites remain exempt.

Timescales vary depending on complexity and size of project. However, a typical ‘sale’ building consisting of a medium fit-out of around 360 square metres could be delivered to site 6 weeks from design freeze after order, with a further 2-3 weeks to hand over. A similar size ‘lease’ project would be considerably less.

Please refer to the Accreditations section on our Quality & Credentials page. For a more detailed explanation of each please feel free to contact us and we will be very happy to provide more information.

By definition modular buildings as a result of their construction, delivery and erection methods are a superb environmental solution with much less embedded carbon, compared to traditional build.

Please refer to the information about sustainability on our Quality & Credentials page, which provides you with an overview of why a modular solution is better for our environment.

The general ruling is that you will need planning permission for a building that will be on site for 28 days or more.

We do have a variety of products within our hire fleet of modular and portable buildings including some Elliott products which are capable of full Building Regulation compliance.

Again we have a variety of products within our existing fleet that vary in age. The structural frames are all designed to last in excess of 50-60 years and each module is fully refurbished to the highest standard prior to delivery to site.

This includes all internal electrical fittings and plumbing components. So from your perspective your building will be as good as new when you recieve it, unless agreed sold as seen

Foundations can take various forms depending on the ground conditions, how many floors there are and how long the building will be situated in its location. In many cases the modules will be located on concrete foundation pads typically 600 x 600mm at a depth to suit the ground type.

Elliott will always provide a loadcell drawing showing the load points and services positions for your modular building.

Fireflex® is an evolution of our extremely popular Moduflex open plan temporary building solution with the added benefit of having a fire rated performance to protect your people on site.

The Elliott Fireflex modular building system has been specifically designed to provide enhanced fire protection to help operators meet the requirement of The Joint Code of Practice on the Protection from Fire of Construction Sites and Buildings Undergoing Renovations publication entitled “Fire Prevention on Construction Sites”, 9th Edition. View our full range of fire rated building solutions and products.

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