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Health & Safety

All our activities and working environments are supported

Elliott places Health, Safety and wellbeing at the forefront of all our operations. All our activities and working environments are supported by teams which have not only the competencies required but also the support of a business whose culture looks to continuously improve not just comply.

Elliott’s dedicated HSE team works to support the business at all levels however we understand that to achieve high standards it must be driven from the top and also clearly understood at ground level. In order to achieve this Elliott invests heavily into the training of Health and Safety for all its staff inclusive of practical applications, line management responsibilities and Health and safety management process / systems.

Supporting our Partners

Whilst Elliott drives Health and Safety standards within its own teams it also looks to support all its clients on each venture. Elliott being an industry leaders provides assurances that each project will be delivered event free. Elliott also provides advice on legislative requirements and project product needs to future proof from any short falls.

We achieve this through early engagement with all our clients and work with them to understand the project requirements, potential environmental considerations, their own processes and potential Health and safety standard implications.

Our first class culture and knowledge within the industry means that all our customers and staff are confident in our ability to deliver health and safety at its highest standard.