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Need accommodation with bomb-proof build? – Hire anti-blast buildings from Elliott

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Need accommodation with bomb-proof build? – Hire anti-blast buildings from Elliott

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Anti-Blast Buildings - Flexible uses, flexible in practice

In today’s world we are exposed to risk of explosions – some risks are accidental, others very much intentional. Risks are controlled by identifying at-risk sites, known as COMAH sites. These must produce an emergency plan to mitigate on site accidents and also comply with various other health, safety and environmental regulations to ensure risks to people and the environment are very low. What do you if you need additional space quickly on these controlled sites? Contact Elliott!

Elliott anti-blast buildings are designed for use in a range of sectors. They are widely used in the petro-chemicals industry, with its large-scale use of combustible materials. They are also ideal for emergency services use in army training exercises and police riot and terror attack response training. And perfect for high-security sites that need additional space. Anti-blast are available in a range of uses and configurations – as offices complete with furniture, training rooms, changing rooms or secure storage.

All of our anti-blast buildings are available from our branches across the UK - they are ready to go from a location near you, so you enjoy a fast, efficient and affordable service.

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Complete Anti-Blast Building Solutions

To help you get up and running immediately, Elliott offers a further range of options for a complete anti-blast hire solution. Everything is delivered together from just one supplier, so your security risk, admin, project management and stress is kept to a minimum

Options Include:

  • Furniture hire – A wide range of packages are available for any type of office

  • Climate Control systems – Temperature-controlled heating and cooling for year-round comfort, whatever the weather

  • WiFi networks – Self-contained and integrated network connections for your additional workspace

  • Fire protection – Alarms, extinguishers and blankets, so you’re fully prepared for the worst  

  • Security alarms and lighting to give extra protection from potential attempted break-ins

Before every new hire, each anti-blast building is rigorously tested and cleaned to ensure it meets the highest standards in terms of both safety and security, whilst also being hygienic and looking its best.

To order your anti-blast buildings, call our customer service team experts on 0808 108 2222 or complete our contact form. 

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