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First things first – source on-site power with Elliott generator hire

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First things first – source on-site power with Elliott generator hire

Generator Hire from Elliott

Power is the first thing you need on a construction site. So if your site doesn’t have connections to mains power, you will need a generator temporarily. Elliott understands this and offers a wide range of generators for hire to suit projects of all sizes and budgets.

Ultra energy-efficient and low emissions Hybrid Generator Hire

As the UK heads towards Net Zero, generators using alternative, renewable and hybrid energies will become increasingly important. Our hybrid-powered generators benefit from a Battery Energy Storage Solution (BESS). Increasing numbers of customers appreciate the significant reductions in emissions that can result from a well-designed hybrid setup. By designing a hybrid solution that reflects the energy demands of your project, we can deliver a system that reduces your energy usage and emissions by up to 50% - although the actual reductions vary depending on the nature of your site. Hybrid solutions are silent during running hours – especially useful when faced with noise restrictions in urban locations.

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Reliable and cost-effective conventional Generator Hire

Elliott offers a range of conventional generators for hire, with telemetry systems to monitor energy usage, so you can control when and how much you use your generator, for efficient use of fuel. We also offer two different types of fuel – diesel, which is cost effective and in plentiful supply, and HVO (Hydrated Vegetable Oil). HVO is compatible with diesel generators, yet benefits from a near 90% comparable reduction in CO2 emissions, thanks to better burning efficiency and recycling oils instead of them becoming waste products.          

Generator Hire Service you expect from Elliott

We deliver an end to end service, from initial site survey through to installation and ongoing testing. With complete off-grid power solutions, Elliott can provide you with a comprehensive generator hire service. We can supplement your generator’s fuel tank with large external tanks from 1000 litres to 3000 litres. Plus, we offer an on-site fuel replenishment delivery service. We tailor packages to suit your project, with the ability to upgrade to unlimited hours and specify out of hours servicing. Where security is an issue we can provide containerised solutions to protect your power supply.      

Whatever the size and type of your projects, our customer service experts are on hand to discuss your power needs in more detail. Call them now on 0808 108 2222, or click on the button below to complete a contact form.  

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