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Modular Classrooms & Nurseries for the short-term

The secondary school population is forecast to increase 7% by 2026 – An extra 207,000 pupils to accommodate.* But average class sizes rise and fall in different areas, depending on local economic and environmental factors. This makes managing accommodation challenging, so local authorities and school management teams need flexibility.

That’s where Elliott can help. We have extensive knowledge and experience of supplying thousands of modular classrooms across the UK. From a single modular classroom to a teaching block or even a whole school, we have the expertise and fleet to meet your needs, whether planned or an emergency.

*Source: July 2020

Elliott education solutions also include nurseries for pre-school age groups. Our nurseries are configured to meet the spatial needs of the seven areas of learning and development for young children, so there’s no compromise in the learning environment, even if it’s temporary.

You can hire our classrooms and nurseries for as long as you need them - perfect for managing peaks in pupil numbers or as a stop-gap while new facilities are constructed. And when you’ve finished with your modular classrooms, we’ll simply take them away. Easy.

Elliott’s expertise in modular classroom building projects has led to our appointment as an approved supplier to the Department for Education MMC1 Offsite Schools Framework, Fusion 21, MOD A (Primary Schools) and MOD C (Secondary Schools) frameworks.


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