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Investors In People

Culture and Values
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Investors In People

Culture and Values

What is Investors In People?

Investors in People is an organisation which helps businesses like Elliott provide a framework for making the workplace better for colleagues. They survey our people, make an assessment levels achieved and produce reports with improvement recommendations. Standard, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels are achievable.

What does Investors in People Assess?

Communication of the company’s objectives and motivation towards achieving them. This includes the organisation values and ensuring all people work in line with them and that each employee feels ownership over their role and empowered to make decisions.  

That performance is managed, high performance is recognised and rewarded, roles are designed to meet company objectives and collaboration is encouraged.  

Ensuring leaders build organisational capability and employ the right people at the right time for the right roles. That a culture of continuous improvement is established to drive innovation. Awareness that what requires sustainable success changes over time. 

People in office

Investors in People Accreditations Elliott Holds

Elliott has been working in partnership with Investors in People since 2015, conducting regular assessments. The business currently holds Silver status for the main People accreditation.

Elliott also holds Gold status for the Investors in Young People accreditation, mainly in recognition of the business’s long-term commitment to operating apprenticeships. Elliott plans to have 30 apprentices by the end of 2021.

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