<p>To assist in the transportation and stowage of a range of cabins, prior to them going out on hire/coming off hire.</p>

Key Success Factors

<p><strong>Success in a 6 months will include:</strong><br />• Aware of all company policies and processes<br />• Understanding and compliance with Health and Safety rules and guidelines.<br /><br /><strong>Success in 1 year will include:</strong><br />• Proficient in preparing units and ensuring quality standards are kept to Elliott’s requirements. <br />• To have gained understanding of the business processes that will enable the team to work to strict deadlines.<br />• Maintain a good working relationship with peers and direct management. <br />• Strong working ethics, self starter and results orientated. <br /><br /><strong>Success in 3 years will include:</strong><br />• Fully skilled in role<br />• Ability to train other employees.<br />• Comprehensive knowledge of the tasks, operations, targets and customers.</p>

Roles and Responsibilities

<p>• Loading and unloading units from vehicles.<br /><br />• The selections of units as required by workshop.<br /><br />• General maintenance of forklift and other MHE equipment.<br /><br />• General maintenance off the site and stowage off units.<br /><br />• Cleaning of units and fittings internally and externally.<br /><br />• Loading of a range of furniture into the cabins and removing on completion of hire.<br /><br />• Some working at height.<br /><br />• General maintenance tasks to timber, plastic and steel portable accommodation units, portable toilets etc<br /><br />• Cleaning of units and fittings internally and externally.<br /><br />• Painting exterior of units with spray equipment, roller or brush.<br /><br />• The fitting and removal of partitions & other fittings.<br /><br />• Some electrical work, some plumbing, some joinery and flooring work.<br /><br />• Loading of a range of furniture into the cabins and removing on completion of hire.<br /><br />• Occasional visits to third party sites to double stack units and install staircase and landing. Removal of same on completion of hire.</p>
<p><span>• </span>To work in a safe and sensible manner within the boundaries of the Company Health and Safety Policy and any additional site restrictions.</p>

Hierarchical Relation

<p><br />Reporting to the Yard Supervisor and  Site Manager.<br /><br />Working within a  team in the depot.</p>

Experience and Required Skills

<p><strong>Personal Characteristics</strong><br />• Good general physical fitness.<br />• Ability to work as part of a team.<br />• Has a strong work ethic.<br />• Flexible attitude to working<br />• Proactive<br />• Willingness to work outside at times<br /><br /><strong>Work Experience</strong><br />• Basic understanding and acceptance of Health & Safety rules.<br />• Good mix of general maintenance skills.<br />• Has an NVQ or equivalent qualification.<br />• Flexible attitude to working.<br />• CSCS Card holder if possible.<br />• Proactive.</p>
<p>Has proven experience and ability to work effectively with internal and/or external customers.</p>

Renumeration and Advantages