Key Success Factors

<p>You are expected to:</p>
<li>Be fully conversant with Elliott’s operating model and how property, estates and facilities management supports the business strategy</li>
<li>Develop, own, secure support and execute a property strategy</li>
<li>Engage with, align and co-ordinate required resources to implement agreed plans</li>
<li>Establish positive and effective relationships with all stakeholders, including external bodies & agencies, to deliver on functional objectives</li>
<li>Deliver on objectives set each year, and from time to time, by Elliott</li>

Roles and Responsibilities

<p>You will be responsible for:</p>
<li>Lead & managing the estate & facilities activities associated with Elliott properties including building maintenance, property inspections, surveys, set up of new depots, lease renewals and negotiations.</li>
<li>Ensuring all Elliott sites locations operate within and are compliant with all legal and regulatory requirements</li>
<li>Managing a sizeable property portfolio and budget commensurate with an organisation of Elliott’s size</li>
<li>Collaborating across the organization with key stakeholders, including external 3rd party providers, to maximize the effectiveness of our operations</li>
<li>Leading the development of Elliott’s property portfolio in line with budget, growth, cost aspirations and overall property strategy</li>
<li>Dealing with property queries relating to Rent/Business Rates and exit dates with both internal and external customers.</li>
<li>Identifying location of new potential depots, as required. Set up of new depots from ground upwards including all services.</li>
<li>Assessing the value add of any external agencies and ensure all arrangements are fit for purpose for delivery and cost.</li>
<li>Carrying out property inspections & dilapidations inspections</li>
<li>Advising finance of adequacy of dilapidations provisions</li>
<li>Ensuring timely action on break notices, rent reviews and site exits</li>
<li>Managing and developing estate buildings and infrastructure to ensure the protection of all occupants</li>
<li>Managing the performance of contractors working on all property related matters</li>
<p> </p>

Hierarchical Relation

<p>The property team  at Elliott is about professional performance, which is embodied by our leaders. They will work with you to ensure you are fully equipped to get the best out of every opportunity by actively supporting your growth.</p>
<p>Our people are passionate, bright, enthusiastic and resilient. We work hard to deliver for our customers and, if you join us, you’ll need to be prepared to go above and beyond to deliver for our customers too.</p>
<p>Our culture is important to us and it allows us to deliver fantastic internal & external customer service whilst achieving stretching, yet achievable targets, thus ensuring we are aligned with and support the business strategy.</p>
<p>We’re a data driven organisation and  we apply KPIs and metrics to all of our activities. This data, combined with your manager’s support, will ensure you can effectively perform and progress as far as your potential can take you.</p>

Experience and Required Skills

<p>You will need to be someone that:</p>
<li>Puts safety first and will stringently adhere to the Elliott safety policies</li>
<li>Has demonstrable expertise in property, estates and/or facilities management</li>
<li>Is highly motivated in developing and implementing our property strategy</li>
<li>Is skilled at project management and articulating strategy & its implementation to all levels in the organisation</li>
<li>Has strong levels of business acumen and is an excellent negotiator</li>

Renumeration and Advantages