Responsible for capacity planning based on order book and sales forecast, ensuring the right balanced of skillset and labour mix (direct labour and agency) are planned.

Provide analysis on actuals vs plan, efficiency level and production cost to help defining priorities and action plan, and monitor the progress against these action plans.

Both areas cover multiple sites across the UK.

Key Success Factors

Success in 6 months will include:
• Develop fully integrated programme controls for the business that enable the business to undertake earned value analysis to trend performance, predict future outcomes and give early warnings.
• Strong knowledge of products
• Meet set targets for quality, efficiency and costs.
• To optimise resources and processes in order to minimise working capital and labour requirements to fulfil plan effectively and efficiently
• Standard operating procedures embedded
• Evidence of continuous improvement and best practice sharing

Success in 1 year will include:
• Demonstrate positive change in culture of planning.
• Reduction of working capital in line with company targets
• Balanced product mix to optimise utilisation at optimum cost, in line with company targets

Success in 3 years will include:
• Industry leading Planning and Performance operations; safe, efficient, optimised.
• Culture of continuous improvements embedded and delivering results locally and nationally

Roles and Responsibilities


• Define the national capacity plan based on immediate order book and forecasted customer demand (sales forecast), taking into account the product mix.
• Ensure production capacity plan at branch level are aligned with national capacity plan.
• Ensure the correct headcount and skillset are in place in each depot
• Make sure plans are in place to flex capacity (up or down) as required
• Set up and manage a system, which flags when capacity is fully utilised on a depot; and decide whether to balance the order book across multiple sites or flex capacity on the local site.
• Set up visual reporting on utilised vs available capacity (actual and forecasted)
• Analyse sales forecast to align production capacity and product mix
• Work closely with the Asset Manager to align production capacity and planning with fleet availability.
• Responsible for defining national production programs (refurbishment)
• Support the planning of particular orders by planning additional capacity (anticipation via review of sales pipeline)


• Provide analysis on actuals vs plan (into product level) to help defining priorities and action plan to close any gaps.
• Provide analysis on depot performance to help defining priorities and action plan to improve efficiency and reduce cost of production.
• Report on the progress and measure the impact of these plans.
• Report on the progress and measure the impact improvement plans driven nationally.
• Have a "go and see" approach, not only assess performance through data, but review in person.
• Identify good practice and opportunity for improvement.
• Support Heads of Departments in completing any support function action

Hierarchical Relation

Head of Operations Delivery
Close working relationships with:

• Regional Directors and Branch Operations managers to ensure local plans are in place in terms of production capacity planning, and review performance.

• Asset manager to align production capacity and planning with fleet availability.

• Continuous Improvement team to make sure priorities are aligned with efficiency improvement initiatives.

• Analyst – who will support this position through providing required reporting.

Experience and Required Skills

Personal Characteristics:
• Technical mindset who can overlay data and physical reality.
• Clear and effective communicator
• Ability to effectively manage multiple, changing priorities in a fast paced environment to ensure targets are met
• Proven ability to make independent decisions and work as part of a team
• Strong analytical and problem solving skills
• Effective organisation skills

Work Experience:
• Evidence of having worked in a planning/ /scheduling/Performance environment.
• Experience in programme and project management, project planning, including programme controls, project review, and/or cost and risk analysis.
• Experience of applying relevant software and reporting tools as needed.
• Advanced Excel skills.
• Experience in the interpretation data and information and producing it in a clear and logical format.

Renumeration and Advantages