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Tips for Successful Modular Building Construction

07 August 2018

Modular building construction is becoming increasingly popular as Clients begin to understand the many benefits they offer including financial, environmental,…

Education Sector- A Focus on Green Buildings

18 July 2018

As a nation, we are more environmentally conscious than ever and a greener lifestyle resonates not just with how we…

Meet our new Head of SHEQ

10 July 2018

At Elliott, we’re proud of our quality & standards we maintain for the construction industry and regularly audit teams to…

Modern methods of modular construction

27 June 2018

The UK is facing a demand for more buildings to meet housing and business needs as well as schooling and other…

Colleague Engagement

30 May 2018

It’s important for us at Elliott to take the time to help grow future talent. We’ve invested time into growing…

Gender Pay Gap Reporting 2017

04 April 2018

Elliott is a progressive employer and are passionate about fairness, equality and inclusion, and are committed to reducing our gender…

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