Eco Construction: 5 Ways to a Greener Construction Site

Construction sites have a negative reputation within the world of sustainability as they produce a quarter of the world’s air pollution. With 47% of consumers saying they have ditched services that aren’t protecting the environment, the need to be sustainable has never been so important.

These shocking figures prove that becoming an eco-friendly construction site will most likely put you on a pedestal above your competitors, allowing you to maintain your commitment to reducing your carbon footprint, whilst saving the planet at the same time.

So, how do you transform your construction site into a sustainable space?

Ensure proper disposal of materials

In the UK, construction sites produce more than 50% of the nation’s overall landfill and many of this wastage is either recyclable or reusable. Use an industrial crushing service to transform your spare parts into useful materials for a future project. Otherwise, take time to recycle your material properly to avoid wastage.

Use eco-friendly portable cabins

Having eco-friendly facilities on your construction site will not only help save energy, but also save money. Choose site offices and welfare-buildings that have been designed and built with energy-saving aspects in mind.

Elliott’s Eco-Friendly Portable Cabins have many forward-thinking features to help improve your site’s sustainability. From reducing heat-loss with PVCU-double glazing and fully insulated walls, to PIR sensors and timers to reduce heat wastage, as well as dual flush toilets and waterless urinals to save water, these cabins combine comfort and eco-friendliness.

Use locally sourced materials

The UK’s carbon footprint is currently a worrying 354 million tonnes. However, with an emphasis on locally sourced materials in green construction, this can be decreased. Avoid sourcing materials and products from another country as the transportation phase increases carbon emissions dramatically. Equally, by sourcing your materials locally, you’ll be helping your local economy and smaller businesses grow.

Go an extra step further and talk to your suppliers about how they source their materials. There are many competitive suppliers who acquire materials in a sustainable way.

Project certification

Many people don’t know what the latest environmentally friendly standards are, especially as they are constantly evolving. By hiring a third-party certification service, like BREEAM or LEED for instance, you can be assured that your projects are being held accountable to the highest standard. They work with you through every stage, so you can be sure that your project is as eco-friendly as possible.

It also gives people more piece of mind, knowing that you’re not just saying that your construction site is sustainable, but you’ve had an independent third party say so.

Get employee buy in

Each worker on your construction site must be committed to making your construction site green too, including understanding their own role and following the guidelines you set out. Individuals must be accountable for their actions, so you must conduct regular inspections and give actionable advice to help them improve their performance.

Rewarding workers for their contribution and ideas shows your commitment to a greener construction site and gives them an incentive to meet and even go over and above the guidelines.


If you’re interested in discussing how Elliott’s eco-cabin range could contribute to your green construction site, please get in touch today.