Be your Brand

If you visit somewhere new, one of the things you’re likely to spot is some sort of construction going on. Take London for example, it’s very rare that you will have a clean walk through Oxford Street without coming face to face with a bit of scaffolding strangely disguised as a gigantic yew hedge. Sometimes, these designs go so far that they look like the real thing and confused tourists will stand staring at Dior’s front doors wondering why they can’t get in to feel the shiny new handbags. It’s hard not to notice art, and whether it is branded or not, you have to admit that it is a lot more attractive than your average building site. Jazzing up your construction site is also a lot more straightforward than you might think!

At Elliott, we like to try and make everything possible when it comes to the services we offer. That is why we can deliver your unit, no matter what it is, complete with a design. If you simply want your company logo on the unit, we can do that, or perhaps you’d like to take things a little further to ensure your building blends in with the surroundings, we can do that too.

5 reasons to dress up your static solution:

  • First things first, it looks better than a plain metal building. As attractive as we think our units are, they look the business with your name on them.
  • It’s also a clear indicator that as a company, you are growing. It gets people talking about your brand in a positive way. Be proud that you are growing and developing, and brand your growth!
  • If you’re going to be creative in a world powered by social media, you are doing a bit of marketing alongside your construction. Disguising your site as an aquarium or a space ship is just asking for it to be photographed and shared across social media channels. Not only will it look great, but it will spread the creativity and culture that your business encompasses.
  • If your site is a danger to the public, you can incorporate safety measures and signs into the branding to make it stand out for the utmost safety. Designs that are fixed to cabins are also safer as there is no risk of them being removed.  
  • Have a message you want to get across? There’s no better way that to have in emblazoned over your static buildings on a construction site, just make sure it’s the right message!

From the start to the finish of your project, we are here to help you with everything you need, just tell us what that is, we’ll sort the rest.

To learn more about our branding options, and to enquire about branding for your solution, just email Mike at