A new McDonalds has recently opened in Market Drayton, Shropshire. What makes this store different to any other is that it's the first net-zero carbon restaurant in the UK. 

There's pressure across society to be more aware of the potential environmental impact of new builds, not just in the way that they're built and the materials but in the long-term use of the buildings. Elliott was central to creating a restaurant that used environmentally responsible materials, limited wastage and reduced carbon emissions. 

For Elliott that meant considering the impact of every material used in the build, in terms of where it's come from, the carbon emissions created and how it could be reused or recycled in the future. 

80% of the store was completed in the factory, this helped to minimise waste, maximise quality control, improve efficiency and speed up the construction. The materials used for the building had to be responsibly-sourced like the steel that was sourced from a UK supplier with a certified Environmental Policy Declaration. Or materials had to be made from recycled materials or naturally found, for example the cladding was made from recycled plastic and the building was insulated with sheep's wool rather than glass fibre. 

Technology played a big part in creating a carbon net-zero restaurant and Elliott used their expertise to install rainwater harvesting, wind turbine and solar electricity generation, kitchen heat exchange to the dining area.