Energy efficiency and environmental improvements in construction and the built environment has made vast progress. We have structures and processes that are more environmentally responsible. Efficient methods of sourcing materials are taught at higher education level and organisations such as the late Code for sustainable homes and BREEAM are enhancing our ability to get the most out of the resources we use in construction.

With many factors to consider, green classrooms are still a rising trend and even though green designs and such materials can be more costly, green classrooms can still be a viable option.

Elliott energy saving offices can provide a great solution.

Although the initial cost can be a little more for an eco-building than a traditional one, the long-term saving in energy, heating and maintenance outweighs that, alongside promoting environmental policies in line with school ethos.


Designing and building schools with sustainability principles in mind such as natural ventilation, daylight and other efficiencies don’t just add up to being “green”. What does being green mean? What methods? Does this include sustainability? When designing a school, our goal is to create a first class education facility and green buildings are one way to reach that outcome.

Ensuring the right temperatures can be maintained without fans murmuring and using natural light instead of energy intensive lighting can also make for a better learning environment. Lower operating costs in the long-term can amount to savings which means budgets can be better allocated elsewhere.


A Green building can bring down energy costs helping you cut your energy consumption. This means you can reduce your carbon footprint and your impact on the environment. We know this is an important issue and the Elliott Eco-Future® range of buildings have been specially developed to help the environment. 

Specific environmental benefits of green buildings include reduce of water waste, conserve natural resources, improve air and water quality and protect biodiversity and ecosystems. There are also economic benefits which include reductions in operating costs and improving occupant productivity.


When Reaseheath College needed temporary portable accommodation they opted for Elliott Eco-Cabins. Not only do they have environmental benefits but they also support their environmental policy and sustainability policy of being able to “manage the college in an environmentally sound and sustainable way.” We were proud to help and support them alongside their ongoing success and growth.


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