We were awarded the prestigious Considerate Constructors Scheme award for our work on the Bird College site. 

This award recognises those sites registered with the Scheme that have raised the bar for considerate construction. 

Since 1998, the Scheme has been rewarding the UK’s most considerate sites for the contribution they have made towards improving the image of construction. The Scheme looks at the measures a site has put in place to be more considerate towards local neighbourhoods and the public, the workforce, and the environment.

Winning a National Site Award is an exceptional achievement, and recognises those sites that have made the greatest contribution towards improving the image of construction.

Colin Sargeant, Managing Director of our Off-Site Solutions team commented "Elliott OSS are passionate about making sure that we act responsibly towards our neighbours and the local community. Our enthusiastic support of the CCS scheme encourages us to be that good neighbour. We are both pleased and very proud to receive our very first award under the scheme and is a credit to the great team on the Bird College Project."