The analysis of pay information has identified that male employees have a slightly higher hourly pay however our median bonus pay is equal between male and female.

The following table shows our overall mean and median pay gap based on hourly rates of pay at the snap shot date of 5th April 2017.

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Proportion of employees receiving a bonus

Below shows the proportion of eligible employees who received a bonus payment.


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The below illustration shows the proportion of male and female employees in each of the four pay bands, where the Upper Quartile represents the highest paid and the Lower quartile representing the lower pay

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Our Gender Pay Gap is significantly better than the national average, however, based on our findings, we have addressed some of the gaps in the mean pay Gap of 6.83% in the April 2018 pay review and will continue to review this.


I hereby confirm that the information provided in this report to be accurate.


Darron Cavanagh

Managing Director


A PDF of this report can be downloaded by clicking this link