Elliott Payroll Manager, Louise Cade is currently fund-raising for Magpas Air Ambulance after revealing her emotional story from 1994 when she and her sister Sally were both involved in a serious road accident.

Badly injured by the roadside and needing urgent medical attention, both girls were treated by Doctors from Magpas Air Ambulance at the roadside and on route to hospital. Sadly, Sally suffered severe head trauma and organ failure and died from her injuries. Louise was also in a very serious condition and had to be brought back to life several times.

Now, Louise is helping to raise much needed money for Magpas Air Ambulance by doing a Skydive near Peterborough on 8th July 2017 and her colleagues at Elliott are also planning several fund-raising events.

To read Louise’s full story and donate to her fund-raising please visit:


Magpas Air Ambulance brings critical life-saving care by land and air to patients in life-threatening emergencies in East Anglia and beyond. They support the ambulance service by giving advanced medical care when time is of the essence.

Some of the UK’s expert doctors and paramedics volunteer their time to help Magpas Air Ambulance.

Magpas Air Ambulance medical team receives enhanced training which allows them to offer treatment and perform procedures at the scene i.e. general anaesthetic which is only usually available in hospital. Magpas Air Ambulance is NOT a state funded service and relies on the generous public donations to help save lives.

For more information please visit www.magpas.org.uk