Make your event more secure with temporary fence hire.

Temporary fence hire may not be your first concern when organising an event, but it should be something to consider. It can seem like another thing you have to organise but it’s important to keep everyone safe. Our temporary fence hire options are the ideal security solution. It’s highly effective and doesn’t present challenges that permanent fencing might.


Unlike permanent fencing, temporary fence hire isn’t dug into the ground or locked in place using other permanent solutions. It is able to be set up quickly and easily and will remain in place and secure. Our anti-climb fencing is the perfect solution for your fence hire needs.

When you no longer have a need for it, temporary fencing can be removed quickly and easily. This makes it ideal for smaller, local events. You don’t need to start setting up weeks in advance, which can be disruptive if the area needs to be used immediately before and immediately after the event.


As it is easy to set up and remove, it can be partially removed and setup again if changes need to be made without losing privacy or security.

We have thousands of fence panels available, so your larger events are able to be easily enclosed, too! Easily separate areas of an event between staff only and for guests using our anti-climb fencing and guide your guests in the right direction using ourcrowd control barriers which also make for excellent queue guides.

For areas that may pose a hazard, for example near water, generators or some construction work, use our bright orange pedestrian safety barriers to warn the public as well as keep them from accessing the area. For areas that are perhaps unsightly or dangerous and ruin the look of your event, block their view completely with Steel Hoarding Panels.


Local and small events can have limited budgets. This makes temporary fence hire the perfect solution. Fixed perimeters and security can easily be put into place, even if it’s just to get walkways and effective queueing systems to get into the event.

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Whatever event solutions you’re looking for, Elliott can meet your requirements. Get in touch today.