It’s been great having our French intern Maëlys with us for the past five months, so we thought we would get an insight from her on how she feels about her experience at Elliott.


Where are you currently learning?

I am a second year BBA student at emlyon business school.


Why did you select to work in the UK?

I was looking to work in an English speaking country to improve my English and I had the opportunity to work at Elliott so I took it.


What did you expect the internship to be like?

Just as it is. Being able to work as part of the team and work on a variety of tasks. I wanted to discover marketing and I had the chance to be involved in a lot of different tasks which allow me to see all aspects of marketing.

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How long is your internship?

5 Months.


What support have you received from your college while working in the UK?

I was supported by one of my teachers, to make sure everything was fine. I also had a Skype meeting with our Career Services at school to talk about my career and how this internship will help me to define my future career.


Why do you wish to pursue a career in marketing?

I loved marketing since my first year at school. I like the creative and strategic side of marketing but what I like the most is that you have to talk and work with a lot of different people in different departments.


What type of work have you completed while working on at Elliott?

I was involved in a lot of different tasks such as social media analysis, preparation of events, organisation of the Elliott Golf Day, creation of designs, newsletters and the day to day marketing tasks.


Has the internship met your expectations?

Yes! It was even better.


How different is it working in the UK than in France?

Really different! The management is different between both countries. So, it changed the organisation of my day, the relationships with co-workers, hierarchy, and the responsibility I was able to take.


By working in a different country to France have your views of the UK changed?

Less rainy than I thought.


How have you developed personally in your internship?

I now know more precisely what I want to do as a career. It allows me to be 100% sure of the career choices I have made.


Now your internship is coming to an end what will you do next?

I’m going home for a couple of weeks and then flying to Sweden for 5 months for my studies.


What are your long term career plans?

I don’t know, working in marketing for sure, but I will see where the future takes me.

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