Teachers and pupils are delighted with the news that Elliott has been awarded the order to build a replacement primary school on the existing site of Arundel Court Primary School in Northam Street, Landport.

The capacity of the school will be increased by 20% as a result of the scheme, which will increase the number of pupils from 525 to 630.

As part of the development, the main building that currently exists on site will be demolished.  A modern and energy efficient new school will be built on the side of the school field.

A replacement school field will be created elsewhere, which will be larger than the existing field. The area where the old building once stood will be turned into a new green space.

Above : An artists impression of the exciting new school

The entire site is due to be replaced (excluding the library and nursery); however due to Elliotts innovative decant system and streamlined off site construction methods, there will be absolutely no disruption to the student’s education and the school will remain fully open throughout the process.

Jonathan Melling from  Elliott said: ‘It is certainly an exciting build. Staff and students at the school will certainly see a massive improvement to their facilities compared to what they use currently.’

If everything goes to plan, the children of Landport will be enjoying their brand new school by the start of term September 2019.