Transforming UK Construction

As part of the Transforming Construction Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, the original SEISMIC I consortium has broadened its member base into what is now the SEISMIC II consortium with the ability to deliver yet greater innovation. SEISMIC II has today been advised of successfully securing funding for the Transforming UK Construction Round 2: MMC, digital and whole-life performance, the output from which is to channel Innovate UK funding into the development of a practical demonstrator project that can be deployed at scale and that improves all aspects of a built assets lifecycle.

Our proposal is to work with the Department for Health to deliver a componentised building envelope that delivers benefits in reducing whole life cost, delivery time, trade gap, greenhouse emissions, and that creates active energy positive buildings that can be scaled with higher levels of building performance and improved assurance of build.  The output from this demonstrator can be adopted by UK Government for all future building assets. A fantastic opportunity for cross government sharing and for the modular industry as a whole. Well done team!


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