Tips for successful modular building construction

Modular building construction is becoming increasingly popular as Clients begin to understand the many benefits they offer including financial, environmental, health and safety benefits plus the speed of construction and minimum disruption on site. Mirroring traditional construction, modular building construction offers design flexibility, comply with all regulations, guidelines and best practices and deliver a 60-year building design life.



It’s key to fully identify and understand your needs from the size of the building, your budget, its intended use and your programme requirements. The Elliott team can walk you through every step, whether you’re looking for an extension to your offices or a state of the art healthcare facility with our off-site construction solutions.


Permanent builds will require planning permission and building regulation approval. Our design team will help you with this with our off-site solutions, be it in the design of the visual appearance of the building or in the technical detail required for its intended use. There will also be many surveys required to obtain planning and to complete the design that we can help appoint on your behalf. Again, if done at an early stage this could save valuable months to your programme.


In addition to your needs analysis, you may have specific requirements to discuss with your appointed Design Manager. Avoiding late design changes to the internal layouts ensures the modular building works can progress swiftly through the factory helping maintain pace in your programme. It’s vital to work with an experienced modular building contractor who will be able to walk you through these steps to ensure your building will be fit for purpose.


Elliott offers a full turnkey package. This means that, as the modular build is taking place in the factory, we can be on site preparing the foundations, drainage and external works ready to accept the buildings on a just in time delivery basis. Installation works take place quickly and with minimum disruption. The minimal finishing aspects are then undertaken and a building of outstanding quality is handed over to you, defect-free, and far more quickly than a traditional build.

Elliott offers innovative permanent off-site solutions with all the advantages of traditionally constructed designs alongside a range of added benefits. This can be particularly beneficial for modular building construction projects, so get in touch with a member of our team today for more information about how we can help your project.