Everyone is trying to protect the earth and the valuable resources we currently have. We have developed and thoroughly researched ways that we can offer products to help our users to reduce energy consumption, benefit from lower energy costs and help protect the environment. Energy saving solutions are important to us because we know that buildings often have a negative impact on our environment and natural resources. This can include transporting materials hundreds of miles which itself uses a lot of energy to transport them and the emissions of hazardous chemicals that can happen if buildings are not designed properly.

So what can we offer to help?


We can help to preserve water supplies with an environmentally friendly solution toilets & shower blocks that are not only eco-friendly but help save on your energy bills. The facilities include:

We have waterless urinal technology that uses less water than conventional toilet blocks

Our toilets can come with dual flush technology which means you can have a short flush or a long flush to save water

Hand dryers which reduce the use of paper towels

Non-concussive aerated taps to help bring down water consumption

PIR lighting


We have designed energy saving offices that help you to reduce energy consumption, help the environment and bring down your energy costs.We understand the global implications of our business and we are always looking for ways to be sustainable and reduce our impact on the environment. We have the latest energy saving devices to help you to save money on your water and energy costs. This includes:

Fully insulated floor, ceiling and walls

Double glazed windows to keep heat in  

Automatic door closers

Lighting with PIR sensors so it’s low energy

Heating with PIR and timers

Waterless features available in wet areas

We can help your company to be as ‘green’ as possible, an essential component in this being energy efficiency, and can offer a 360° service to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible during your project. Reducing your energy consumption is not only good for the environment but it’s also better for your pocket! So, as part of our innovation, we’re constantly reviewing renewable energy equipment to bring our customers a wider range and better choice of solutions.

Take a look at these services in more depth on our Eco-Future® Energy Saving Solutions Range page.