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Permanent Modular Offices Without Compromise

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Permanent Modular Offices Without Compromise


Inspiring Custom-design Modular Offices

If you’re looking for inspiring offices custom-designed to meet your needs, but can’t wait for a new traditional build, then you’ve come to the right place. Elliott permanent modular offices are bespoke designed using our innovative modular and hybrid building systems. This means you can have pretty much whatever you want, much faster and with more consistent quality than traditional build.

Our permanent modular offices are usually up to four storeys in height with an unlimited floor area, so they can comfortably accommodate even the largest teams. They are designed with all of the features you would expect in an impressive contemporary office building – wow architectural design, floor to ceiling glazing, skylights and atriums, passenger lifts, state-of-the-art climate control, natural ventilation and dehumidification systems and smart tech-enabled building control systems, to name a few.

Permanent Modular Offices

Using individual whole modules and large post-panel offsite construction methods means Elliott office spaces are created much faster than traditional build – at least 30% faster. For businesses looking for a return on their investment, getting to work months faster than otherwise possible is attractive.  Plus, our modular office layout plans can be configured to your exact needs. In addition to large open-plan work spaces, clients today are adding café-style kitchen and dining, prayer rooms, private contemplation spaces and new mothers’ rooms.  

As part of the process, we will conduct free site surveys to understand your site conditions. We  work with you to produce CGI architectural design proposals, alongside technical building drawings and plan your spaces including furniture layouts, so you only pay for space you need.    

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Make Your Life Easier with Elliott

Elliott modular offices have inherent advantages regarding sustainability too. The structure technical design is lightweight and very energy efficient, minimising CO2 emissions and keeping running costs low. Precision planning and factory production means responsibly-sourced materials can easily be specified and controlled. Fewer trades are involved, so less labour and deliveries are needed on-site. Waste is minimal, because virtually no waste is produced on-site either.      

To make your life easier, Elliott can act as your main contractor. This means that, unlike traditional build, the company designing and manufacturing your offices is also the company managing your whole project, from start to finish. A shorter, less complex supply chain makes for a smoother, more reliable project, so you can occupy your offices on time and start getting that all-important return on investment.  

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