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Anti-Vandal Secure Storage Containers

A cost effective secure storage solution for all types of equipment - instantly

Lack of suitable secure storage space affects thousands of companies in every market sector throughout the UK. The Elliott Anti-Vandal Secure Storage Containers provide the ideal solution to this problem.

Elliott Secure Storage Containers come complete with a secure integral 10 lever locking system providing the user with complete peace of mind that their equipment is safely locked away. Double doors are the full width and height of the container allowing easy access for even large or bulky items.

Container racking can be hired to increase effective storage space and container lighting is available to improve safety and visibility.

Manufactured from steel Elliott Anti-Vandal Secure Storage Containers provide an economic, secure solution to combat theft and vandalism and are delivered from your local Elliott branch and are ready for immediate use.

Instant secure storage
Unique 10 pin secure locking system exclusive to Elliott
Double doors for easy access
Robust construction for peace of mind
Delivered by Elliott
3 x 2.4m
3.6 x 2.4m
4.8 x 2.4m
6 x 2.4m
7.2 x 2.4m
9 x 2.4m
9.6 x 3m
Container racking for effective storage space
Container lighting for safety and visibility
Damage waiver scheme to protect you against unexpected costs
Timed delivery

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