Climate Control

Reduce Energy and increase comfort with Elliott Climate Control Systems

Upgrading your modular building with a climate control system doesn’t cost the earth.  With systems starting at £2.29 p/w for existing customers, the benefits are huge for a very small outlay

Enjoy year-round optimised comfort and productivity while saving energy and money

Climate Control systems substantially reduce CO2 emissions compared to traditional convection heating. And better efficiency means much lower running costs, resulting in hundreds of pounds of savings potential each year. 

Lower running costs means the overall investment cost of a climate control system is minimal – much less than you might think.

Climate Control systems are also a great way to improve your organisational efficiency. They enhance your staff comfort all year round and improve their productivity.   An energy efficient system will be able to maintain a consistent temperature all-year round, keeping you cool in the summer and cosy during the winter, regardless of the temperature outside.

Low Level Climate Control

A-rated for energy efficiency, low-level units heat and cool and are up to three times more efficient than standard convection heating. They are quiet in operation and include remote control operation for convenient speed and temperature control. Plus, they can be retro-fitted quickly and easily by Elliott.

Up to 56% Energy Saving*


*Based on heating cycle comparison

Climate Control
Premium Climate Control

High Level Climate Control

Designed for longer-term use, high level ‘split systems’ are A+++ rated.

These systems offer even greater efficiency than the low level system and almost three times more efficient than standard convection heating. Our quietest system in operation, split systems include remote control and the option of a Wi-Fi adapter for operation via a mobile phone app. All Installation and servicing is coordinated by Elliott.

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