Fire Rated Modular Buildings

Fire Rated Modular Buildings

Elliott fire-rated modular and portable buildings are low maintenance, high fire and security performance buildings designed, manufactured and independently tested to meet clause 13.3 (Version 9) of the Joint Code of Practice on the Protection from Fire of Construction Sites and Buildings Undergoing Renovation.

In addition to exceptional fire prevention performance, Elliott buildings are designed and manufactured to an anti-vandal specification with robust steel construction giving resistance against theft and vandalism.


Turn-key fire-rated modular building solutions

As with all Elliott portable buildings, our fire-rated modular buildings are available as  full turn-key solutions with furniture hire, climate control systems, for enhanced user comfort. Safe and easy and rapid access is achieved with ramps, steps and staircases. And additional fire prevention and fighting equipment can be provided, such as alarms, extinguishers and blankets, along with other occupier wellbeing supplies.

If you’re after the ultimate in fire performance, Elliott Fireflex is the marketing-leading purpose designed fire-rated modular building system in the UK.

Elliott Fireflex fire-rated modular building system

Fire Safety Equipment

Turn-Key Solutions

Elliott can offer as part of our turn-key solutions the following products to compliment your fire rated modular building.

  • Fire extinguishers & fire safety solutions
  • Furniture
  • Jackpad foundations
  • Generator hire
  • Tea break package
  • Hygiene cleaning package

Case Studies