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Fire Rated Portable Cabins

Fire rated portable cabins, independently tested to prove outstanding fire resistance.

The Elliott Fire Rated Eco Cabin is designed to be used within 6 metres of an existing structure and/or the building under construction to comply with current guidance on fire safety.

Elliott Fire Rated Cabins are low maintenance security buildings designed, manufactured and independently tested to meet clause 13.3 (Version 9) of the Joint Code of Practice on the Protection from Fire of Construction Sites and Buildings Undergoing Renovation and, therefore, offer the best of protection in the event of a fire.

Independent analysis by Warrington Certification (previously called Warrington Fire Research Centre) found that Fire Rated Cabins provided by Elliott can contain fire for a full 60 minutes – double the minimum requirement of BS476. Despite maximum internal temperatures of 1100°C the structural integrity of the building remained intact.

Steel external window shutters
Fixed telescopic jacklegs
PIR LED lighting
Electric heaters
Door closers
External electrical isolators
Waterless urinals
Trough basins
9.6m x 3m open plan offices, canteens, changing rooms, toilet and showers
7.2m x 2.4m open plan offices, canteens, changing rooms, toilets and showers
Fire extinguishers & fire safety solutions
Jackpad cabin foundations
Generator hire
Tea break package
Hygiene cleaning package

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